In addition to a newsletter, the Kaliedoscope of Justice, BARJ project staff and consultants have produced more that 50 monographs, implementation guides and technical assistance tools, research reports, and training curricula on restorative justice policy, practice and research.

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The following are papers and monographs that have been published from the Balanced and Restorative Justice Project.

  • Doing Good: A Model of Offender Re-Entry into the Community (2003)
  • Victim Involvement in the Juvenile Court (2003)
  • Community Boards and Juvenile Justice In Vermont (2003)
  • Engaging the Community in Response to Youth Crime (2003)
  • Reintegration and Restorative Justice: Toward a Theory and Practice of Informal Social Control and Support (2002)
  • Training for Trainers of Facilitating Restorative Group Conferences Curriculum(2002)
  • Balanced and Restorative Justice Project Curriculum Guide (2001)
  • Building Relationships, Developing Competency: Toward a Restorative Approach to Offender Reintegration in a Balanced Juvenile Justice System (2000)
  • Conferences, Circles, Boards, and Mediations: Restorative Justice and Citizen Participation (2000)
  • Citizen Involvement in the Response to Youth Crime (2000)
  • Mobilizing Social Support and Building Relationships: Broadening Correctional and Rehabilitative Agendas (2000)
  • Restorative Justice Inventory: An Organizational Assessment for Juvenile Justice Agencies (2000)
  • Restorative Juvenile Justice Policy Development and Implementation Assessment: A National Survey of State Systems (2000)
  • Victim Involvement in the Juvenile Court: Judges' Perspectives on the Role of a Key Stakeholder in Restorative Justice (2000)
  • Victim Needs, Restorative Justice and the Juvenile Court: An Exploratory Study of U.S. Judges (2000)
  • Beyond the Punitive/Lenient Duality: Restorative Justice & Authoritative Sanctioning for Juvenile Corrections (1998)
  • Guide for Implementing the Balanced and Restorative Model (1998)
  • Restorative Justice and Earned Redemption: Communities, Victims & Offender Reintegration (1998)
  • Police Encounters with Juveniles Revisited: An Exploratory Study of Themes and Styles in Community Policing (1997)
  • The 'Community' in Community Justice: Issues, Themes and Questions for the New Neighborhood Sanctioning Models (1997)
  • Implementing Detention Intake Reform: Understanding the Judicial Response to Restrictions on Admission (1996)
  • Juvenile Justice Reform and the Difference It Makes: An Exploratory Study of the Impact of the Policy Change on Detention Worker Attitudes (1994)

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