Create a fantastic world scenario in your aquarium

Aquariums make a beautiful spot in your home; spotted in the living rooms, dining room, or even bedrooms; they are a lively center of the house to engage into. Aquariums are not just a space for fishes to live; they are their homes away from home. Therefore, it has to be madepreciselycomfortable. The fish tank sand adds a pinch of texture and much space to your aquarium for the fishes to live and feel at home.

It’s not just about the beauty

Sand and gravels in aquariums are not only for creating a riverbed-like scenario, but they also havea purpose attached to water filtration and aeration in the water tank. The sand particles are coarse and have fine spaces between them to catch air particles. The coarse other structure also creates friction with water currents that filter out fine particles in aquarium water and catchthem down. Sand is also a breeding and egg-laying site for many small fishes; they use it to rest and hide their eggs from larger fishes.

A mix of beauty and comfort

Create a beautiful landscape for your aquariums using colored sand particles, and give your fishes the beauty of your aquarium. Our sand is made from 100% organic substrate that is not harmful to the fish thriving. Like every aquarium part, the sand should also be changed from time to time to maintain a healthy environment. Otherwise, excess fungal growth makes the water oxygen scarce, and fishes start to die. Keeping in mind, these simple ideas can make aquariums enjoyable.

Author: Marcellus